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My fellow university colleagues and friends, my name is Peter Hawks and I am in the final year of my Bachelors degree and surely be pass out by next month.  Saving good bye to the University and friends is a sad moment for me, but the life goes on like this.  On this note, I wish to share my experience of two years at hostel with my friends and new comers, who can spend their free time at their rooms in positive healthy activities.  When I joined the University, I sometimes get frustrated sitting alone in the room.  However, one of my fellow student advise me to have some fitness equipments in the room which will not only help me to spare some time with the equipments, but it can also helps me in building my physical personality.  The idea sounds good and I seriously start thinking about it.   One day while surfing, I search the physical fitness equipments and on top of that I saw SportsTech who are offering the best products in the market with a discount of 40% through Sportstech rabatt at

There is a wide range of products and it was difficult for me to select one or two products as a starter.  I called my fellow colleagues and seek his guidance.   He suggest me initially a “All in One Elite Indoor Cycle Bike” which has everything for a starter.  I agree to his suggestion but found that I am short of some funds, for which I have to talk to my father to send me some funds for the machine.  My father suggest me to place the order on installments and mention his credit card number for the monthly installments. It was a blessing that SportsTech offers their products on installments as well.

The Online order was placed and I desperately waits for the delivery of the instrument.   Within a week, the delivery was made at the Hostel Administration Office, and I was very kindly allowed to keep the machine in my room.  There was a detailed booklet along with the product, which described the usage of the Cycle and its features.  It was quite easy though, but I decided to call my friend before starting any efforts.

sportstech gutschein

My friend came to my room in the evening, and start opening and setting the products in my room.  I asked him to do all the function, so that I can be well aware of the features and functions.   It was a master piece and I never saw any product with so many features in one piece.  I request my friend to stay for some time, unless I use all the features.   I did that with ease and it was a blessed feeling have this great gift from my father.

It is become my daily routine in the morning and evening that I spent at least half an hour with my room partner, which keeps me energetic and also makes my body more fit and attractive.  Many of my friends asked me about my secret of my fitness and I suggest them all  about SportsTech, which completely changes my personality and appearance.

Keeping in view my experience, I suggest all my new comers and friends at the University to make friendship with SportsTech and get a best room partner of their choice.

Welldone SportsTech for being my room partner during my studies at University hostel.

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